SME Expectations

Here at SME we pay much effort on selection of the employees and teachers that will be joining the SME family in order to comply with the organization culture we seek to always have ; we consider each and every person working in SME  a member of the big family whose members altogether work for the benefit and the welfare of our girls..

SME workers are always expected to have appropriate professional qualifications that meet both the governmental policies and professional preparation expectations Proper language, gestures, emotional control and mannerisms so as they always be a role model for students,

SME teachers should always Demonstrate  teaching skills that are creative, challenge cognitive thinking process-es and help students use higher order thinking skills (critical and creative thinking, problem framing and problem solving, intervention, memorization and recall) to understand the subject matter, how it relates to the society they face, and how the subject matter is connected to other areas of the curriculum.

Here at SME we work on giving our teachers opportunity for collaboration and participate in professional development activities and expect our employees, teachers and workers to be on an ongoing self improvement process.

Here the benefit of our future ladies always comes first!