Saint Mary – Elias international School for Girls (SME) is accredited by the American International Accreditation Association of schools and colleges (AIAASC).

We are committed to meet the highest educational standards; being reviewed by qualified educators, verifying that the school meets high standards of operation, curriculum selection, the certifications and qualifications of the staff.

AIAASC is the school accreditation arm of the American Educational Consulting Associates, Ltd. (AEC).

AEC is filed with the State of New York pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Education Law, the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, the Business Corporation Law, and the Limited Liability Law of New York.

AIAASC is governed by a Commission Board that jointly serves ECA and AIAASC. The Board is led by a President, Vice-President and three at-large members. To be eligible for membership on the Commission, a person must have been actively involved in the profession of education either as a teacher or administrator and have experience in the issues relating to international schools and accreditation.

AEC was founded in 1992 and has been providing educational services to schools for over 20 years. Organizations that have been associated with AEC include The Middle East Association of National Schools (founded in 1996), American International College in Massachusetts (founded in 1885), Mountbatten Institute (founded in 1990), and The Northwest Accreditation Commission (founded in 1917).

With the merger of NWAC with AdvancED, AIAASC was instituted to provide accreditation for schools outside of the United States that offer a national program, an international program or an American style program. The stated mission of ECA has been the guiding philosophy to develop AIAASC: “To assist schools–nationally and internationally–in maximizing their effectiveness in governance, management, and program enhancement as they prepare students for a world of global independence.” ECA has historically called on scores of highly regarded and experienced educational specialists with access to the best research and thinking available.

The accreditation processes of AEC have been delegated to AIAASC. To carry out its purpose, AIAASC has developed five standards that embody the most current research in educational pedagogy and are deemed necessary for quality schools:

Standard 1: School Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals
Standard 2: Educational Program
Standard 3: Administrative and Facility Support Structure
Standard 4: Student Support Services
Standard 5: Quality Management

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