Parent Communication

We believe that parents have the right to be involved in the decision-making process at Saint Mary – Elias (SME).

Excellent schools are created through the dedication of administration, teachers and parents. When the family communicates effectively with educators, positive relationships are formed and problems are more easily solved. We appreciate parents and family members that volunteer their expertise, time and various skills in helping our school to achieve excellence

Parents can be communicating with the school management through many effective ways like the learning management system (LMS) which is a web based application that facilitates the communication alltogether between the educational process parties; the students ,the school management and the parents.

Saint Mary – Elias (SME) believes that Parent/Teacher Conferences are meant to enhance the partnership between the school and the parents. We believe that Parent/Teacher Conferences are indispensable for a student’s academic, social and physical well-being. Parent/Teacher Conferences are intended for teachers and parents to discuss the progress and concerns of the student. Parent-teacher conferences are held by the end of every quarter.

Parents also have the rights to set meetings that have to be preset through the administration, if needed, on Wednesday from 12:00p.m to 2:00p.m.


Saint Mary -Elias Language School for Girls

Please find below the “parents-Teachers” meeting schedule.

from    11.20 am to 12.00 pm

Day Grades
Sunday Primary 1, and Primary 5
Monday Primary 2,  Primary 6, Sec 2
Tuesday Primary 3 ,Prep 1, sec 3 
Wednesday Primary 4 ,Prep 2, Baby Class
Thursday KG 1 , KG 2, Prep 3