Mission and Vision


“Lead, Know, Impact, Grow”

Saint Mary-Elias School (SME) is the home for girls where they will know how to express their thoughts, physical skills and emotions within a disciplined and supportive academic environment to lead them to be self-confident and well educated “Future Ladies”, impacting and growing in an ever changing global and international society.


In Saint Mary Elias School (SME) we strive to inspire our girls to be the future ladies of our society, by granting a challenging and safe environment using the best educational tools and well established curriculum, meeting the highest educational standards; and developing their physical, intellectual, emotional skills and social awareness.

SME aims to create a healthy environment with mutual interaction and effective communication among students, teachers, administration and parents, putting the well being of our girls as our first priority, to build lifelong learners that can Lead, Know, Impact, and Grow