Elias School Group

  • Elias College

    Elias College was founded on 2003; a school for boys aims at rising very highly educated generations, and to build our students’ characters that they might have the highest values and behaviors that would help them actively participate in the society development.

  • Saint Mary

    Saint Mary was founded on 1994; a school for girls that provides the highest educational programs with the disciplinary mindset; out of believing in the important role that is played by women in the Egyptian society ; Saint Mary has risen successful generations that have positively impacted the society ; SM has always been the leader in the field of education among the girls schools in Helwan for more than 22 years; and the leadership continues

  • Helwan Advanced School For Tourism And Hotels

    Helwan Advanced School for Tourism and Hotels was founded on 1997;

    A school that aims at preparing both boys and girls to be a generation that is able to be the tourism development tug; knowing the great impact that the tourism has on our country’s economy being one of the major national income resources for Egypt; Helwan Advanced School For Tourism And Hotels has always been the leader among tourism educational entities providing the highest standard programs through five academic years