10 Reasons to Join SME

  1. SME is one of ELIAS SCHOOLS GROUP that have more than 50 years of experience in the field of education; we believe that we are ‘Real Educators’
  2. SME are not only educators BUT the core of our message is The Discipline through encouraging and being “LEADERS BY ACTION” through using Proper language, gestures, emotional control and mannerisms.
  3. SME believes in the important role that women plays in the modern society this is why we are up to a school for girls; raising our students and building their characters to effectively contribute in the development of our country.
  4. SME believes in the effect of KNOWLEDGE in the society and how Knowledge fuels the development of nations, we are not here to provide “Information” to our students; we are here to “Change Information Into KNOWLEDGE “
  5. SME as believes that it all starts with THE TEACHER; SME promises to keep developing our teachers that they should always demonstrate creativity that help students use advanced thinking skills and ways.
  6. SME is committed to pay the effort it takes to give our teachers the opportunity and to participate in their professional development activities to always improve their teaching skills.
  7. SME commits to ongoing development to our staff through advanced educational entities to always develop their understanding of the available technology resources including the use of computers and other equipment designed to bring technology into the classroom.
  8. SME believes that a successful educational process requires the involvement of the parents, all together with the school management; this is why; here at SME we are in a continuous ongoing communication through different and many channels.
  9. SME works to provide a very good, healthy environment that always help our girls to excel in every field of their lives.
  10. SME usually works to provide all the facilities that help them practice all their hobbies and activities.